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Discover the power of efficient business management with our advanced software for time tracking, invoicing, and planning - QicsMilestones. With QicsMilestones, you can effortlessly track hours, generate online invoices and customize them to suit your preferences.

With QicsMilestones, you get a comprehensive overview of your project and capacity planning. With just a click, you gain access to essential information, keeping you informed and empowered to make the right decisions. QicsMilestones is the key to effective business management - knowing what you need to know has never been easier.

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Time tracking made easy with QicsMilestones

Regardless of the price agreement you made with your customers, logging hours is not just useful but often essential. QicsMilestones streamlines this process, ensuring fewer errors and quicker results:

  • Register hours from anywhere, on any device.
  • No lengthy dropdowns; only relevant clients, projects, and hour types are displayed.
  • Gain insight into budget spendings while recording hours.
  • Mark tasks as 'favorites' so they are already in your next timesheet.
  • Prefill your timesheet with hours planned

Check quickly, invoice quickly

Closing the month and billing work in progress is a breeze with QicsMilestones, as we focus entirely on simplifying the meticulous recording of hours and expenses. The easy verification of entered hours, overview of incomplete weekly statements, and hours awaiting approval allow you to transition swiftly to invoicing.

Fewer questions, faster payments

QicsMilestones provides full control over invoicing, supports various pricing agreements, from hourly rates (utilizing employee, project, task type, customer rates, or a combination), fixed amounts, to advance invoices.

Gain full control over the invoice sent to your customer:

  • Edit draft invoices extensively, adjusting quantities, amounts, adding or shifting invoice lines to another invoice, customer, or project. You can even edit details such as the employee and description.
  • Generate nice and clear invoices in your own corporate style. Specify whether the invoice should be sent on paper or via e-billing through email per customer. You can also Invoice in different languages and currencies. Need the invoice as a UBL invoice? No problem. Simply link these specific invoice layouts to customers or projects.

Grip and control with planning

If you provide time and products to clients, a solid plan is indispensable. Always know who is working on what, who still has availability, and whether a budget overstep is approaching!

Save time:

  • Almost no need to manually ‘write’ hours; the planned hours only need confirmation.
  • View occupancy, under- and overcapacity visible at a glance.
  • Forecast future budget overspendings accurately
  • Create an overview and holiday plan holiday planning in the blink of an eye.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring tasks.

Always insight on outline and details

QicsMilestones gives you insights from every angle:

  • Productivity, Billability and indirect hours.
  • Work in progress (including additions and write-offs).
  • Budget versus realized.
  • Average hourly rate realized.
  • Sick leave.
  • Vacation hours.
  • Production distributed by product group (consultancy, project management, administration, etc.).
  • In QicsMilestones, you even have access to reports and dashboards in Power BI.

Organize a project by breaking it down into different components, tasks, and team members. Meanwhile, maintain control over hours and costs through detailed overviews and reports.

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You can test our solution for online time tracking, planning, and invoicing. We recommend a demonstration first to understand how QicsMilestones best suits your organization.

What can QicsMilestones do?

Time Tracking

Record hours effortlessly via PC, phone, or tablet, for multiple companies simultaneously. QicsMilestones makes it easier than ever before.

Invoicing and E-Billing

Online invoicing with various pricing agreements, customizable draft invoices, and invoices tailored to your desired layout.


Who is busy and who is not? Complete online visibility and control over your project- and capacity planning.

Project Management

Insights into deadlines and progress. With QicsMilestones, you can immediately see whether you are on track and if deadlines and budgets are at risk. This helps prevent budget overruns, allowing for quick intervention.

Generating Reports

Need to create reports? See real-time results for your products and employees. Get in control and make timely adjustments.


Integrations with Twinfield, KING Software, Exact Online, and many other packages. Please contact us for a comprehensive overview of all integrations and capabilities.


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