QicsMilestones is cloud-based software for registering hours, scheduling employees and projects and invoicing hours, fixed prices, subscriptions, advances, and products. We focus on Professional Service Organizations.

The goal is to be able to go through all the steps, from recording a new order to sending the invoice, in a smooth and efficient manner. This results in fewer errors and significant time savings for the entire office.

On our website Qics.nl (https://www.qicsmilestones.com/privacy/) we have collected all the information about these topics.

The data you add to QicsMilestones is stored in the 'Azure cloud'. This cloud belongs to Microsoft and the data is stored in a data center in Amsterdam (Western Europe region).

On our privacy page we have collected all the information about these topics.

QicsMilestones is very secure. We have an information security policy, we have a disaster recovery plan, we use advanced backup technology, we support multi-factor authentication and we offer single sign-on based on Azure Active Directory.

In addition, only "strong" passwords can be used. More information about information security can be found here: https://www.qicsmilestones.com/privacy/

The licensee, i.e. the company that uses the software, owns all the data.

We are certified for Data Pro (Dutch). We are also certified for ISO 27001 and NEN 7510.

QicsMilestones connects with Exact Online, Exact Synergy, Afas, Multivers Online etc. In addition, we have an API. Please contact us to discuss any of your requirements.  

If you are not yet using QicsMilestones, there is a good chance that you can save a lot of time when invoicing. Many of our customers save more than half of their time when billing.

Because the assignment – in all its possible simplicity or complexity – is clearly recorded in QicsMilestones and all the work that is done is recorded in detail, invoicing is not only faster, but also a lot less error-prone. This brings you a lot closer to error-free invoicing.

With QicsMilestones you can see with a click of a mouse who is scheduled, when, and where. That way you can see who is available and when, and who is already full of work.

QicsMilestones connects to all commonly used software. Please contact us to ask how a link can be realized.

The software is available to every user in English, Dutch and Danish.

A new version is released every four weeks. These releases can be found on our YouTube channel.

Yes, multiple roles can be created. A large number of permissions can be set per role. Employees are given one or more roles and are therefore assigned all the rights of those roles.

Yes, this is possible. These can also be entered using a tablet and a smartphone. It is also possible to enter hours and costs as a concept.

Yes, it can be shielded per work type or hour codes that employees can write on. It can be shielded not only per employee, but also per function or per group. It is also possible to use a work stop to temporarily make it impossible to write for a certain client or a certain project.

To be able to write hours very quickly, you can copy a project to another client (or a series of clients) and you can create a new project for the same client based on an existing project. All data from the source project will be copied (e.g. rates, project members, budgets), unless you indicate during the import that the value needs to be adjusted (e.g. project start date).

QicsMilestones has 8 clear WIP reports that include the following information: Initial position, Production, Added, Written off, Invoiced and Closing position.

Booked hours are immediately available in the WIP.

You can use the following rates:

  • A rate per project, per customer, per employee, for the combination of employee and type of work, for the combination of customer and type of work.

The rates can be adjusted per calendar or financial year. It is also possible to work with fixed fee amounts. For example, you can invoice 50% at the start and 50% on delivery.

You can bill subscriptions, or recurring amounts. You can specify the frequency with which invoices should be invoiced and it is possible to set an end date. It is possible to index the amounts of subscriptions when renewing a subscription.

Advances may be invoiced. When settling an advance, an invoice is created that contains both the hours * rate and the already invoiced advance (as a negative amount). After that, the processing of this invoice is the same as with other invoices. Advances are shown as negative in the work in progress.

Irregularity surcharges are possible and can be set flexibly. For example, you can charge 150% of the agreed rate if work is done on Saturdays. In addition, it is possible to use a percentage of office costs that can be set by default.

During invoicing, hours can be both definitively written off and reversed, whereby the hours are put back in the WIP, so that it can be assessed again at a later time whether these hours can be invoiced. Hours can also be partly written off, so that the other part can be invoiced.

An explanation can be given in the event of a write-off. It is also possible to add and subtract invoices in a proposal. A reason can be given here if desired.

The hours written and the declared hours can be kept separately for management information, among other things.

A lot is possible when it comes to customizing proposal declarations:

  • Transfer to another debtor,
  • Transfer to another type of work,
  • Modify descriptions in proposal declarations,
  • Create 0 invoices,
  • Adding lines to the declaration,
  • Delete a proposal declaration, back to WIP so that it comes back at a later time,
  • Create expense proposals as a sample invoice (on screen or paper).

This is very flexible:

  • Includes comprehensive and fully customizable invoice layout,
  • Apply different invoice layouts per contact,
  • Apply different invoice layouts per project,
  • Different invoices per client for different work,
  • Hours specification as an attachment if desired.

A budget can be set per assignment with an unlimited number of budget lines that you can group one or more levels deep. This allows you to determine the level of detail yourself. You can budget by employee, article, etc. The budget can be set as hours or as an amount.

Very flexible. For example, you can link a start and an end date to a budget (line). Employees can book hours on assignment but also on budget line. It can be set in advance which employees are allowed to do so.

For each budget line, you can set which article or set of articles can be written on.

For each budget line, you can see how many hours have been spent compared to the budget. Time registration provides insight into the status of the budget and thus also into invoicing. With a color code, it becomes visible at a glance when a budget has been exceeded. Budget lines can be closed so that no more hours can be booked on them.

When scheduling an assignment, can you break down the schedule into multiple tasks? A task can be assigned a start and an end date.

Employees can be scheduled by tasks. It is possible to link multiple employees to one task. Of course, existing schedules are easily adjustable.

With QicsMilestones you can plan efficiently. It is possible to:

  • Make a schedule per week,
  • Create a recurring schedule,
  • Authorize planning in such a way that one person plans and the others can only consult planning,
  • Link tasks to budget lines,
  • Change tasks in the meantime / assign them to someone else,
  • Copying a planning from one year to another year,
  • Retrieve and adjust the schedule of multiple assignments at the same time.

The bottlenecks per employee are shown in the planning. You can see how full this person is. This can also be viewed per department.

QicsMilestones is provided with a standard report. In addition, Power BI can be used to create a clear report from desired (available) information. In the standard reporting, you can display the following information:

  • Work in progress (WIP) per client,
  • OHW for datums/periods,
  • Overview WIP before invoicing, invoiced, additions and debits, advances, final balance WIP after invoicing,
  • Hours booked per client and invoiced amounts per type of work,
  • Productivity per employee,
  • Turnover per customer broken down by year, period, activities, etc.
  • Number of sick hours per employee,
  • Leave per employee,
  • Budget vs written and/or invoiced hours,
  • Result per client / assignment
  • Project progress,
  • Financial forecast.

The set of standard reports can be generated in PDF, Excel or Word. QicsMilestones also has info screens. These can be set per employee. Some of these info screens offer the possibility to export data to Excel. Finally, QicsMilestones has an extensive link with Power BI. Based on a data warehouse, a complete data model is available in Power BI, which can be used to independently develop your own management information.

Yes, it is possible to add data from other solutions, for example from a financial package. If you have any specific questions about this, please contact our support department.

There are different subscription plans, from ‘Business’ to 'Enterprise'. There is a basic subscription price and a price per additional user. Most customers use the 'Business Plus' plan.

Implementing QicsMilestones takes time and therefore requires a certain investment. The amount depends on the complexity and size of the organization. If you would like a quote or estimate, please contact us.

Training employees can be used in a practical way as well as to create support among the colleagues who will be using the software. It also applies that the wishes of each organization vary so much that we cannot issue standard rates for this. Please contact us for this as well.

As a rule, we have to plan two things with you; implementation and training. Depending on the time of year, we can normally start within a few weeks. In the last months of the year it is usually a bit busier, so it can take a little longer.

Questions about the planning? Ask them here.

QicsMilestones is full of possibilities and functionalities are added or updated monthly. If you have a specific question, it is best to contact us directly.

It is also possible to request a demonstration, in which your specific situation can be taken as a starting point.

More than 250 organizations, from small to large, use QicsMilestones. Would you like to get in touch with these offices? Please contact us.

Yes, our helpdesk is staffed every day. We can provide support in Dutch and English.


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